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With our help, you can get featured on top news sites in a week. You can enjoy a greater number of visitors to your site and feature as a high ranked site on major search engines.

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Our writers have the skills and experience to write a news story that is perfectly tailored to your brand, audience, and the site that it will be published on. The story is then published on over 200 global sites. Not only do you get the kind of exposure you could have only ever dreamed of, but you may also see a boost in sales! What's more, we work quickly. In just 7 days, your article will be ready and published, ready to be shown to the world.

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Find the Buyers That Matter

The brilliance of our strategy is that it gives you access to your ideal target audience. Featured on top news sites, you maximize your exposure among your preferred consumers. As an added bonus, the articles that we publish prime your audience towards your brand and specific products. Consider our work a testimonial for what you do. By the time that consumers read through our article and make their way onto your site, they are already primed to make a purchase.

Rank Higher on Google Search Results

Want to find your brand on the first page of Google for your targeted keywords? We can help with that! Our team of writers understand the art of using keywords, following Google Search requirements, and creating content that is reader friendly. This, alone, puts you ahead of the curve. When you are featured on some of the top new sites in the world, your ranking is boosted even higher. Google and other search engines consider such sites as high quality, authority links. This automatically makes you a more reliable source.

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Get Your Tick on Social Media

There is no higher honor or privilege than getting verified on social media – but it is no easy task. Fortunately, we can help with this. Well-crafted articles on high-ranking sites identifies you as an authentic and reliable brand, improving your odds of getting verified. We have a great deal of experience in the matter – many of our clients have relied on our articles to get them verified on some of the trending social media platforms.

Improve website conversion rate

Boost Your Sales

Consumers are more likely to make purchases with brands that they can rely on. With your brand being featured on major news site, you can install an "As Seen On" badge on your website. This badge fosters trust – it is estimated that you can boost sales by as much as 48% with this badge. Enjoy real and tangible results in a shorter period of time!

What We Do !

Here is how we put your brand on the map: !

BrandPush Will Write a Press Release

Our team of writers has been a part of the journalistic and marketing industry for many years. They are able to write about a wide variety of topics. No matter your industry or business, our team will come through for you.

BrandPush Will Publish a Press Release

Once written and edited, the article is then published across our vast network of news sites. This happens within 7 days of the article being written!

Your Rewards

You don’t have to take our word about how much exposure you and your brand is getting. We will submit a full report that includes live links. You will be able to see how the article is doing for yourself, in real time.

We Work with Industry Leaders

We know we can make your brand a success because we have already worked our magic with some of the top digital marketers in the game! Check out what they have to say about working with us.

A Global Audience

Building a network of willing readers and consumers isn't easy. Through dedication and hard work, we have created a sprawling network of 275 news sites. These sites are now at your disposal.

Through our network, you can have access to millions of consumers around the world. You can go from complete obscurity to a trending brand in no time at all. Let us make this dream a reality for you.


Real Results in Real Time

We have extensive experience in providing exposure for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. From Ecommerce platforms and artists to charities and influencers, we have tackled it all. Go ahead and see what we can do for you.

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Give Your Brand a Boost

We have 3 packages for you to choose from depending on your budget and requirements. What you will love about our service is that it is a one-time payment. Choose your package and we handle the rest. It is as easy as that!

Basic $179

You provide us the article, we publish it.

  • We publish your article
  • Published on news affiliates of
    Release to Market Watch Release to Fox Release to USA Today Release to DJ
  • Published on Get published on Google News
  • Full Report With Links
  • "As seen on" Trust Badge
  • 200 Plus Publications Guaranteed
  • Published within 5 days
  • Upload your own article
  • See Writing Guidelines
Standard $219

We will write your article and publish it for you.

  • We write & publish an article
  • Published on news affiliates of
    Release to Market Watch Release to Fox Release to USA Today Release to DJ
  • Published in Get published on Google News
  • Full Report With Links
  • "As seen on" Trust Badge
  • 200 Plus Publications Guaranteed
  • Published within 7 days
  • 500 Plus Word Article Included
  • 3 Revisions Included
Pro $239

We Write with 5 revisions before publishing.

  • We write & publish an article
  • Published on news affiliates of
    Release to Market Watch Release to Fox Release to USA Today Release to DJ
  • Published in Get featured on Google News
  • Full Report With Links
  • "As seen on" Trust Badge
  • 200 Plus Publications Guaranteed
  • Published within 7 days
  • 700 Word Article Included
  • 5 Revisions
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Our Pledge to You

We don’t make promises we can’t keep. We guarantee that your article will get published on all 200 sites – even the high profile ones. If we are unable to do this, you get your money back. It is as simple as that.

Learn more about our refund policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about what we do? Find the most commonly asked questions and their answers. If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us directly and we will help you out!

About Our Services

There are a lot of reasons why you should rely on LinkedURL to promote your brand.

To begin with, we have a network that other company can only dream of. We are connected to over 200 reputable news sites, all primed to launch your brand into the stratosphere.

Our services are also incredibly affordable. For just a couple of hundred dollars, you can have a professional article written and published for you on some of the top news sites around the world. How often do you get such an opportunity?

Last but not least, we are quick and simple to use. All you have to do is fill out a form for us and then you article will be written up and published within a week.

Your article should be written and published within the week. Keep in mind that the process may take slightly longer if one or more revisions are required.

We can take up to 48 hours to write an article. We pride ourselves on providing you with high quality content and work hard to make sure our articles meet the standards of the top news sites that it will be published on.

Your article should be published within 2 to 4 days of it being written. Your detailed report may take 1 to 2 days to compile. Overall, the publishing process may take up to 5 days.

With the Starter Package, you will be submitting your own article so it should be published in about 5 days’ time. Please note that if your article doesn’t meet the writing guidelines, it may need to be edited or re-written.

For the Pro and Plus packages, we do the writing for you, so it can take up to a week for the article to be published.

This can vary depending on the news site and their individual guidelines. On average, your article may be live for 3 to 24 months. For the highest amount of exposure, we do recommend that you place an order once a month.

The type of links in your article usually depends on the news site that it will be published on. Smaller websites will have do-follow links, while larger news sites only allow no-follow links.

There is no need to be worried about no-follow links, however. This is because these links can still help to boost your search engine rankings. Most of our clients notice an improvement in their search results ranking within their first month.

Still not convinced about the power of no-follow links? Here is what industry leaders have to say about how these links can help your exposure:

Neil Patel

Brian Dean

You can promote affiliate links, but we cannot place any direct links in your article. You will need to have a landing page and have the affiliate links or products there.

We work with two types of news networks:

Popular News Networks

This is the network that most of our clients request. It consists of almost 300 news sites and boasts associates of USA Today and FOX.

Here is an example of a report.

Alternative News Networks

Does your business or enterprise involve a niche industry such as gambling, alcohol, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, etc.? Then the Alternative news networks are for you. This network also boasts over 200 sites, but isn't involved with networks such as FOX and USA Today.

There is an upgrade fee for the Alternative news networks.

We do accept a wide variety of businesses and topics. However, we do reject the following:

  • Libelous Content: negative or false statements about a person, website, or company.
  • Explicit Content: articles containing adult content, services, or products.
  • Weapons: articles based on weapons or ammunitions.
  • Topics and businesses only allowed on Alternative Networks:
  • Cryptocurrency and NFTs
  • Politics or political candidates
  • Explicit music content
  • Alcohol
  • Legal Marijuana, CBD oil, etc.
  • Dating
  • Legal issues
  • MLM
  • Gambling
  • Pharmaceuticals or legalized drugs
  • Supplements
  • Undergarments or swimwear
  • If we are unable to publish your article on any site for any reason at all, we will refund your money back to you.

    Writing and Articles

    We only require the following to start writing your article:

    Your preferred topic for the article

    A link to your website

    Contact details for your business

    We can also embed images, videos, and even quotes within the article if you wish. Check out or Plus or Pro Plans. to determine what is right for you.

    You can choose any topic that is relevant to your business. You can announce the launch of your company or provide information about the features and advantages you have to offer.

    You can also write about a new product, service, or content related to your industry.

    Here are some of the main guidelines that you should follow:

    The article must be written in English.

    The length should be between 350 and 800 words.

    The content must be neutral and professional, devoid of sales-y language.

    You can include up to 3 links.

    You can submit up to 6 images.

    Read the full writing guidelines to know what you can and can’t include in your article.

    See Writing Guidelines

    Publishing and News Sites

    News sites such as USA Today and FOX tend to focus on national headlines and other breaking news. Due to this, you article will not be submitted to the main site. Instead, it will be featured on local affiliates of these sites.

    Don’t worry, though, as these are the official sites for the local TV stations. As such, you can still expect up to 100 million visitors each month.

    Check out a complete list of the sites that you article will be featured on

    We always give you first access to the article once it is written. If you have chosen the Plus plan, then you get up to two revisions before the article is published. For the Plus plan, you can have as many revisions as you want.

    The same article will be published on each website.

    There are no negative consequences for doing this. Search engines such as Google know that news sites often publish duplicate articles. Due to this, article uniqueness is not a part of the ranking scheme.

    Instead, you simply get the advantage of having your brand feature on an authority news site. You will be able to see a noticeable boost in your rankings and overall exposure.

    Ready to Spread Your Wings?

    It is time to get your brand proper exposure and to reach out to the right consumers. If you are ready for this then contact us today!

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